Build Your Online Marketplace with Social Media Marketing

If you own or operate an online marketplace, a virtual store, then you could most definitely benefit from the use of social media marketing practices.  If you haven’t initiated the process of reaching potential customers through social media platforms, then now is the best time to take that step.  Each day that you hesitate is another day that you are missing out on building a bigger customer base.  There are many reasons to use social media marketing, but here are two that may not have immediately occurred to you.

Learn More About Your Customer Base

Facebook insights and other similar services can actually teach you a great deal about your customers, which means that you can provide more personalized, increasingly enticing communication with those individuals. Several of these tools can be enjoyed for free, despite providing great value to your company.  Just in the insights tab of your Facebook Page, you can learn a great deal about the people interacting with your page.  Go to the Facebook Page, click on the Insights tab and then click through the various options in the left-hand margin.  This will tell you a great deal about the page performance, how well the promotions are working, but also a bit about the demographics of your page fans and which posts they are responding to most.

Create Direct Line of Communication

The ability to post material that may be of interest to your consumers, as well as information about your sales and promotions is wonderful.  However, that is not the only advantage of having your brand on social media platforms. These can also be channels that allow your customers to reach out to your directly, and in real time.  Direct messages and even comments on your posts can be answered immediately, and that means that you can respond to customer questions and concerns when they matter most.  This does mean, though, that you must have alerts in place to let you know as soon as such communication is posted to your social platform, so you can respond in real time.   Most platforms provide the option to enable notifications on mobile devices, as well as email alerts.

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