Social Marketing as a Solopreneur

Social Marketing

Are you a solopreneur?  This term has gained great traction in recent years, likely as a result of the many popping up throughout this great nation.  The idea that a person can build a business from the ground up, while managing all roles associated with its success is not altogether new, but it certainly presents new challenges in the modern era.  One of the largest hurdles is the navigation of the online community.  It’s not just the need to understand the current and coming trends that make social marketing a challenge for solopreneurs; it is also the time commitment that successful social marketing requires that can weigh on these business owners.

It is said, on average, a brand must spend at least one hour per day on social media channels in order to build a loyal following.  The more channels that the brand is maintaining, the more time needed to maintain relevancy on each. It is for this reason that the first recommendation made to solopreneurs attempting to manage social marketing is:

Choose One Channel

Likely, the choice will come down to either Facebook or Instagram.  These two platforms have proven the most successful in recent years.  SnapChat can be useful if you are marketing directly to the youngest buyer marketing.  LinkedIn may be a better bet if you are marketing to other businesses.  For the majority, though, the large audience on Facebook – now 2 billion monthly users – is the most attractive.  By selecting just one channel, a solopreneur is able to make the most of the time he or she has to spend on social media each day.  This is not to say that efforts can’t be made on other platforms, but that this should be considered the primary arena.  Trying to maintain an active presence on too many platforms can result in failure on all of them.

Conversation Should be the Goal

All of that new content, the beautiful photos, and the enticing video is great, but it means very little if you aren’t following it up with actual engagement.  Solopreneurs may not have a lot of time to spend on social marketing, but they will find that the time is most productive if it is spent interacting with the customer base.  So, like, share, comment, and respond to others as often as possible, making it a goal to maintain a steady flow of conversation.

Be Insightful

Don’t just share interesting, relevant news stories; comment on them.  Demonstration your expertise by offering worthwhile reviews, explanations, or additional information when sharing a story. When someone does the same for your content, be the first to respond, offer a thank you, or otherwise engage further conversation.

Solopreneurs are proving their worth in this society, over and over again.  You can be among them, and social media marketing can be the launching point for your tremendous growth.

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