Three Essentials That Must Be Known for Successful Media Marketing

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As a business, you are using social media for a different reason that the individual user.  Therefore, there are going to be distinctive goals related to the social accounts, of course.  This much is generally understood by all those who start business profiles, but there are a few things that can be easily misunderstood, which will harm the potential for social media marketing success.

Quantity v. Quality Isn’t a Simple Argument There are many outlets that continue the debate over quality versus quantity of posts.  We’ve written on the topic ourselves on various occasions.  The truth, though, is that the argument isn’t so straightforward.  Quality content can do more for your company than something simply thrown together for the sake of meeting an established minimum posting threshold. Nevertheless, there is also very good reason to post often.  The social algorithms are making it more and more difficult for businesses to get their content seen.  Posting once a day or once every few days can prove worthless (unless you are willing to pay to boost each and every post).  Posting more often increases the chances of your content being seen by potential customers.  The question of how often to post is a big one, and covered by leading media outlets, including this article by Forbes.

Analytics Matter It may be possible to build a successful following online without studying the data related to your profile and posts, but it is equivalent of racing your competitors with a row boat, while they are using 25HP motor boat.  You may get to the finish line, but your chances of beating the competition are slim.  Analytics can tell you when your customers are most likely to be online and what type of posts they are most likely to respond to.  That most definitely makes it easier to reach them effectively.

Social Media Professionals are Worth the Investment Undoubtedly you have been tempted to ask a secretary, assistant, or intern to take over the social media accounts.  Don’t make that mistake.  It can be a costly one.  Experienced, trustworthy, social media managers (and independently contracted firms) have spent years studying user habits.  They know how to read and interpret the data.  They know what sort of posts are most appealing and when it is best to post new content.  Anyone can post to a social account, but it takes a professional to grow an account quickly, efficiently, and with an audience that really cares about the company.

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