Advertising an Event with Social Media

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Big events can create major surges in sales for businesses, but only if the events prove successful and draw in the intended audience.  That, of course, means putting pressure on the marketing department to spread the word.  Most companies have come to realize that a lot of the event publicity can be managed online these days.  Social media platforms have made it very easy to publicly list the event and send private invitations to friends and followers.

Social media event marketing can be extremely effective.  However, there are a few things that must be done if you hope for your event page to draw people in for the main event.  These are the rules of event marketing via social media:

  1. Create an Enticing Event Listing The social media platforms allowing for event posting make it fairly straightforward today. However, you can really hurt your chances of appealing to the intended audience if you share the event page before completing it, if you use low quality photos, or if you fail to provide the necessary information.  Make sure the page really portrays what the event is all about, and boasts all of the great things that will take place that visitors won’t want to miss out on.  This is the first impression potential visitors will get, and first impressions are the most important.
  2. Monitor the Page Up to- and After the Event If you create the page, make the invitations, and walk away, you are dooming the event to failure. Your company should be active on social media all of the time, but when you are advertising a big event, you should be one many times per day.  Set up the automatic alerts.  Be sure that you are there to respond to comments, questions, and messages immediately.  That is the very best way to encourage interaction, which will likely lead to others sharing your page and inviting their friends.  Keep that interaction going even after the event is over, so people will be more likely to be excited about your big events in the future.
  3. Have Content Ready to Share Once the page is created, be sure that you are regularly posting new content on it right up until the event takes place. This will keep the event fresh in the minds of page followers, and encourages more interaction on the page.
  4. Allow Content from Users User-created content is the best kind of content, because it seen as more genuine by visitors. Also, people love to be featured by companies, so encourage them to share their selfies taken at your event, or to show your products being used, etc. right to your event page.  Obviously, you will want to monitor this closely to avoid having inappropriate or damaging images shared.

With a great design and a certain level of dedication, social media can make your big event something spectacular.

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