Making the Most of Mobile When Marketing to Teens

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We’ve written a lot about appealing to the Millennial market and those who of older generations, as well, but there is an even younger group that is being sought after by many marketing managers – the teenagers.  The vast majority of this niche, still enrolled in junior high or high school, are already in possession of a smartphone, as well as spending money.  The Millennials spend a lot of time before a screen each day, but the teens are even more active on mobile.  Several studies have suggested that these young people are spending as many as 50-60% of their awake hours using their phones.

Of course, as a marketer, you want to take advantage of that knowledge.  It is very possible to reach out through mobile, to speak directly to this niche market.  However, you must approach your audience in the right manner.  There are many different ways to reach out via mobile marketing, but three primary ways to reach teens via mobile:

  1. SMS
  2. Social Media
  3. Company App

The company app can be a powerful tool, as long as you can make it appealing enough to keep the teens engaging with it.  Many companies have started using these applications as shopping centers, as a means of handing out information about private sales, or as a means of accessing valuable coupons.  The trick, of course, is to get the user (in this case, the teenager) to accept the option to receive notifications.  According to research, a person is nearly 70% less likely to delete an app if receiving regular notifications.  So, how do you convince a person that the notifications are worth accepting?  Further research shows that teens are most likely to accept notifications if they provide the following benefits:

  • Special Offers
  • Order Tracking
  • Account Management

You don’t have to employ a company app in order to make the most of mobile marketing, however.  Social media can be a very powerful communication form, especially when paired with mobile usage.  Get a teen to follow your social accounts, and you can reach them directly through their smartphone (thanks to social notifications).

The most obvious and most direct method of communicating with teens via mobile marketing is SMS.  Text messages can be extremely personalized, and with the power of location services, it is even possible to send them when the teen is most likely to stop in at the brick and mortar store.

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