The Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

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Social media marketing can be a very powerful tool for businesses – large and small – these days.  We have all seen how powerful customer interaction can be for building a business brand up.  However, if you do social media marketing wrong, you’ll simply end up wasting money and seeing no real value added, despite the effort.  Avoid these costly mistakes and you’ll be on the fast track to success:

Mistake #1. Not Budgeting Properly Social media marketing is NOT free!  Please, please, please understand what is being said here.  Social media is free.  Social media marketing is NOT free.  This remains a point of confusion, still, with many modern-day businesses.  These days, it is extremely difficult to achieve organic traffic.  You must be prepared to spend to boost posts, to advertise on social platforms, and to take other such steps to secure a worthwhile following online.  It does require an investment.  Sit down with the financial- and marketing teams from your company and figure out what you can feasible afford to spend on social media marketing before you begin, so you know that you are making wise decisions as you move forward.

Mistake #2. Wasting Time on the Wrong Platform There are so many examples that could be used here, but perhaps the best is the idea of the Depend brand spending a large portion of the marketing budget to advertise on Snap Chat.  It may sound ridiculous, but there are truly businesses out there taking similar missteps and missing their niche audience entirely.  Snap Chat caters to the youngest generations of buyers in this country, so advertising for a product that is best targeted at seniors on Snap Chat isn’t going to do much for the brand.  Spending all of that time, energy, and money on social media marketing only to find that you are on the wrong platform can be devastating.  Be sure you know where your niche spends their time and be in the right place to interact with them. There is a lot of information available on the web that can tell you the demographics of users of the various platforms, so you can make an educated decision of which will serve your brand best.

Mistake #3. Failing to Seek Assistance Social media can be very time consuming.  It isn’t just about the posting of new content a few times per week, or even a couple of times per day.  These platforms are meant to promote socialization, interaction, communication.  You have to be present to take part in that, which means that you can spend a lot of time signed into the various platforms each day, responding to comments, questions, and private messages.  Furthermore, it is good practice to read others’ posts and to take the time to comment on some of those.  When the time commitment becomes too much to handle, it is time to seek assistance.  Failing to find that help can lead to you juggling too many things, and often social media marketing is the first ball dropped.

Mistake #4. Business Overload The final mistake that we are going to write about here is one of the most commonly made – posting exclusively about business.  Just because your profile has been established specifically for your brand does not mean that you have to limit yourself to entirely business-related content.  If you know your niche, really understand what your average buyer is like, then you can post content that will appeal to those individuals and start to forge real relationships that will do more for your brand than the constant stream of sales content. So, do your customer research and then look for- and create content that will appeal to that personality type.

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