Making LinkedIn Work For Your Brand

Admittedly, over the past several years, businesses have put increasingly more effort into Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat, rather than spending too much time on LinkedIn.  Yet, there is still a great deal of value to find on LinkedIn, but it will require more than a brand description.

In truth, it begins with the description.  The first step to uncovering the value of LinkedIn is writing a company summary that will really appeal to those who would be interested in your brand – potential employees, potential customers, and possible vendors.  There are a few components that should be included in every great LinkedIn summary.

  • Ten Second Pitch You know that elevator pitch that you were told over and over again to master, in case you should find yourself in a time pinch wanting to impress an interested party? Here is the perfect place to use it.  The LinkedIn summary should definitely include a very short, but very informative statement at its opening.  After all, visitors of the page may not look further than the first sentence or two.
  • Follow Up With Details Once you have gotten the basic purpose of your brand across, you can work in more detail, such as the year that the business was established, statistics regarding your previous- or current successes, as well as better description about the products or services that you have to offer.
  • Call to Action The LinkedIn summary should definitely end with a call to action. Instruct visitors to learn more and provide them a link to your website.

Once you have a winning summary, give people a reason to visit and read it.  That means that you must keep your account active.  Share content that your intended audience will want to read or view.  Not only is this a great way to drive more traffic to that brand summary that you painstakingly wrote, it is also a great way to establish yourself as an expert in the field.

  • Create Your Own You can, of course, share content written by others, but it is also worth writing pieces yourself, as these can be linked back to your own website and will provide yet another opportunity to put your brand before the eyes of your intended audience.
  • Comment When sharing content created by others, consider adding your own informed insight on the topic.
  • Start a Conversation Without taking a stance that would turn off potential customers and others, consider starting conversations on LinkedIn regarding hot (controversial) topics related to your industry.

You have created a profile, winning summary, and are maintaining a consistent presence.  There is still another way to make a big impression on your audience – personalized messages.  Don’t be afraid to reach out with LinkedIn messenger when you have good reason to do so.  Perhaps you want to thank someone for following your brand, or maybe you read a LinkedIn profile that makes you believe that the person would be a good fit for your company culture.  This is best done from your personal LinkedIn account, as long as you are clearly linked to your brand.  LinkedIn has made it easier to start a conversation.  In the app, you will see a lightbulb when you start a new message.  Click on that and LinkedIn will recommend some potential conversation starters.

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