How to Fit a Yahoo Press Release In With Your SEO Efforts

Yahoo Press Release

You’ve probably already read how powerful a Yahoo press release can be when it comes to your SEO strategy, but if you just know the headline, you may not realize how the two things fit together. Press release ARE an important part of SEO, but knowing where they fit into the picture is a must.

Natural Linking

Yahoo has long valued those natural links to your site as part of their algorithm on how they display sites, and press releases give you the natural links you want most. It’s tough to get those high quality inbound links, and it can take quite a bit of time outside of the press release. News sources, though, are always on the lookout for good information, and if you put that in a press release, you’re going to get those natural links you want most.

Link Keywords with Your Company Name

If you’ve written a solid press release, you’re going to be able to associate your company name with the keywords you most need to rank for. Naturally, though, you’ll want to do a bit of research at the outset to see what kinds of keywords are going to work for your business, but once you begin publishing releases with those keywords, you will start to see the results you’re looking for.

Referral Traffic

Those companies that pick up your press release probably have a dedicated readership of their own. When you publish a press release, they’re going to read about your company and begin to get an idea of your business. That may mean they’ll visit your site as well.

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