How to Write a Yahoo Press Release That Gets Noticed

Almost 2,000 press releases come out every single day. You already know the value of a press release, but how can you be sure yours is actually noticed? If you’re writing for a specific platform, like a Yahoo press release, how can you ensure the search engine actually picks it up? These tips can help.

  • Have a Reason: You can’t simply send out a press release without a solid reason. You should have something behind the release. A grand opening is a great reason, as is a new product on your website. If you’re having a Facebook drawing or another special event, that also qualifies as a good reason. You’re not going to get your release picked up, though, if you’re simply promoting something you’ve always done.
  • Target Carefully: Yahoo press releases differ from other mediums. So, do press releases targeted at particular industry publications. You have to know how to write the release for the medium you most want to target. If you’re not sure how to tackle this step, you may want to turn to an expert for a little advice. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time.
  • Be Limiting: Your press release is not the whitepaper you’re going to publish on your site. It’s not going to be the four-part blog series you’re developing. It needs to be just long enough to cover the standard journalistic questions involved: who, what, when, where, why, and how. That will help journalists and bloggers uncover what really matters most about the story.

If you’re still not sure that your Yahoo press release is going to be what you expected, give us a call. We are Yahoo press release experts, and we have the knowledge and experience necessary to help move your company forward.

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