Making the Most of Email Marketing in 2017

San Diego Email Marketing is not dead. If you are among those of the belief that email marketing no longer holds value to companies, large and small, then you are missing out on great opportunity for growth. There is absolutely no proof that email marketing is dying. The opposite is true, in fact. This is a marketing platform that holds increased possibility thanks to the improvements in technology and the continual introductions of software made to make such process easier and more efficient.

That said, it is safe to said, assuming your company is among the majority of businesses in this country which have not yet mastered email marketing, that there is room for improvement in your approach in 2017. Most likely, however, you are facing the problem of balancing brilliant email marketing concepts with a tight email marketing budget.

Email marketing has gotten more expensive over the past several years. There is the matter of collecting and organizing email addresses. There is the email creation process, and then the need to send the message to all those who will find it of value. Personalized emails are becoming increasingly popular, which require an additional step in the process. The good news, though, is that there are services that make this easier. The bad news is that many of those services – i.e. MailChimp and Benchmark Email – can be quite costly. In response to the need of so many companies and marketing teams, Amazon has presented a possible solution in the form of Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES). Inexpensive and dependable, it is proving a very significant tool for many small businesses since its release.

This can be used to send the advertisements, special offers, or informational pieces that your subscribers will value, but without breaking your marketing budget. The pricing is extremely reasonable. You can send tens of thousands of emails for free each month. With the clear majority of small businesses having relatively small email subscriber lists, it is entirely feasible that the entire monthly email marketing agenda could be executed without paying for the service.

Amazon SES isn’t simple and straightforward like other email marketing services. You might say that you get what you pay for. However, there are new services popping up already that are using SES to provide email marketing options to companies without the hefty price tag. Email Octopus is one such service, which many of the leaders in the media marketing industry are showing a great deal of excitement for. Of course, the ability to send more emails for less money means that you can most definitely make more of your email marketing in 2017.

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