Got Behind the Social Marketing Curve? Avoid These Costly Mistakes

If you fell behind the curve with San Diego Social Marketing, and you are just now building your business presence online, trying to gain ground on the competition, then you want to avoid the mistakes that could set you back.  In fact, the missteps mentioned below could be just as devastating to a well-established company that has been active on social media for years.  However, they are likely to recover more quickly than the lesser-known brands. Failing to Take the Time to Understand Whether it is a response to a PM message from a customer or a public reaction to the post of another company, take your time to be sure that you understand the meaning.  Unfortunately, many companies understand the need for a social presence, but don’t give it the full respect that it deserves.  They rush through the creation of posts, and comment on whatever they happen upon first, just to say they have done it for the day.  This is a dangerous approach.  Misinterpreting a photo, especially those with ties to tragedy or world events, has resulted in the humiliation of many brands in the past.  Avoid the same.  Set aside time each day, designated for checking in on San Diego Social Marketing.  Take time to really read and respond to your community.  The relationships formed online can be just as real and just as valuable as those that are formed face-to-face.

Posting to the Wrong Account While the brand can likely overcome the accidental posting of a picture of your kids doing something humorous (in fact, the audience may even appreciate the accidental posting, if you are a kid-friendly brand), but you should be very careful to separate public and private accounts, because the brand may not recover as quickly if you were to post a picture of your friends partying, or your political opinions.

Failing to Double Check Links This happens so often!  It is ridiculously common for companies to post only part of a link, or to accidentally post a link copied earlier in the day.  We’ve seen this in general social media posts, but also on banner ads and other forms of paid advertising. Most of the time, it is quickly forgiven by the public. This can be costly in two ways, though:

  1. Using the wrong link isn’t going to do you any favors when you are trying to send potential customers to a sale page. You’ll miss out on possible business all because the link was copied wrong.
  2. If that link copied earlier in the day is inappropriate in anyway, it can cause a major scandal for your brand.

The best piece of advice that we can give to the companies that are playing catch-up on San Diego Social Marketing is to take time to appreciate the true beauty of social media.  Rather than looking at it as a chore, consider the opportunities that it provides.  Here is your chance to talk about your passion with others who share your interests.  If you learn to love social media, you will be far less likely to rush through the posting process, and thus, less likely to make a costly mistake.

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