Clearing Up Confusion: How Data Can Help With Your Media Marketing

Despite massive amounts of evidence that suggest otherwise, and numerous accounts from companies that has shown the reverse to be true, there is still a giant myth in business that suggests that there is no way to track the return on investment for social media based Carlsbad online marketing. There is some truth to the concept that your number of followers or friends is not really indicative of how well you are performing on Carlsbad online marketing.  That is only one small piece of the equation however.  There is so much more that data can tell us about our overall efforts, but also the individual posts and campaigns that we use in an effort to reach our niche audiences. If you are still afraid of big data, you are not alone, but you could be harming your company’s growth potential. The term big data is, on its own, a very daunting phrase.  The truth is that data can be as big or as little as your company needs it to be. And, you can most definitely use it to gauge the worth of your social efforts.

Many Carlsbad online marketing automation services can be used to schedule much of your social activity.  The very same services can automatically gather and interpret data to paint a picture of how well the work is paying off.  They can look at things such as followership (again, just a minor piece of the puzzle, but still worth considering), audience interaction including comments and shares, the CTR of links within the posts, and more.  There are several marketing automation services available today, such as Act-On and Inbox25.  The strengths of each will vary slightly, so, it is a very good idea to consider your options before deciding which one is the right fit for you.

You don’t necessarily need one of these services to gain insight from data, however.  Many of the social media platforms will track data and report on certain statistics for you.  Link shortening services are still worthwhile, despite the change to the Twitter policy, because many of them will track the CTR on the links created.  You can use the link on one platform or many of them, and still know how many people clicked through.

And, sometimes you just need a tiny bit of data and a healthy dose of common sense to determine whether or not a particular post or campaign gave a boost to your bottom line.  Just graphing sales figures on a weekly, daily, or hourly basis can showcase surges.  If those boosts in business correlate with social posts, then it may just be safe to assume that your efforts are paying off.

The point is that there is much to be gained by spending some time with big data, and it most definitely doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience.

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