2017 Social Marketing Outlook

With the end of the year fast approaching, San Diego Social Marketing experts are beginning to plan for the next year to come.   That means predicting what changes we might see in the New Year.  While one cannot perfectly predict the future, there are some evolutions currently taking place that we can assume will carry into the coming months and perhaps through the end of 2017. The Switch From Awareness to Sales For years, the general approach to social media on the behalf of businesses big and small has been simply to create brand exposure.  However, with the introduction of promoted posts, in-feed buy buttons, and other such options, more and more companies are seeing social media as a true sales channel.  The New Year could be the year that sees social media directly impacting the financial bottom line.

Hits the Heart San Diego Social Marketing is no longer as straight forward as it once was.  Over the past couple of years, we have seen the ‘storytelling’ approach take hold.  Now, companies are working overtime to cause real emotional reaction within their consumers.  Those emotional reactions, after all, are often enough to encourage sharing and brand loyalty.  We expect this trend to take over in 2017, which means that we could witness some of the best content every created, in the New Year.

Personalization Will Become the Norm With advancements in data collection, social media, and mobile technology, companies are going to feel the pressure to personalize or die.  We’ve seen some of the biggest brands take personalization to a whole new level – online and off – but we expect even better examples to come in the New Year.  Product recommendations, personalized email marketing, tag-worthy media content, and more will be regular aspects of business operation in the year(s) to come.

Text Messaging Takes on a Bigger Role As social feeds get more and more bogged down, and new legislation is enacted for governments to prevent email spam (like that recently seen in Canada), there will be a bigger push to send more intimate, personalized messages via SMS and MMS.  The will being to be rolled into the social media marketing efforts of many companies.

Again, it is impossible to accurately predict all that will take place in the New Year.  For instance, many different views are being expressed regarding the role that will be played by VR headsets over the next twelve months.  However, if you can see trends starting to take shape, you can use that information to build your San Diego Social Marketing plan for the year to come.

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