Content Curation: Can You Really Benefit from Someone Else’s Content?

There are a lot of misunderstandings about the term ‘content curation’, so if you are relatively new to the social marketing scene and still don’t fully understand the difference between ‘content creation’ and ‘content curation’, then don’t fret.  You are not alone. We understand that a lot of the confusion comes down to the idea of using someone else’s content to benefit your brand.  It doesn’t sound right, right?  After all, this very same blog has been used to spread the message of protecting intellectual property.  So, in one post we are telling you that it’s not right for another person or entity to profit from your content, and in the next, we’re telling you that your brand can benefit from others’ content.

Content curation done correctly, though, never involves intellectual property theft, and it always pays homage to the original author, artist, or photographer. The concept is not to steal the material, or to pass it off as your own.  Instead, you simply highlight industry-related news and content, or other content that your niche audience would be interested in, by sharing via your social media channels.

How does this help your brand?  For one thing, it means that you must create less content on your own, while still maintaining a healthy stream of posts of your social accounts.  Secondly, it demonstrates your expertise and willingness to learn within your industry.  Thirdly, it can help you form connections with the content creators, who generally appreciate the fact that you shared their content (if you link to the original and give them props for creating it).  Lastly, these pieces can be the conversation starters that build relationships between you and your audience members.

It is important, remember, to combine your content creation and your content creation efforts.  The two must go hand-in-hand, if you are to be successful with media marketing.  A link to an interesting article may help you in all of the ways mentioned above, but it does not drive your niche to your website.  In order to do that effectively, you have to create your own worthwhile content.

If you want to involve content curation more in your social marketing efforts, there are several tools online, such as the Google News alerts, which can send industry-related emails directly to your email.  There are also scheduling services, like Hootsuite, which can help you ensure that you have a steady flow of shared content on your feeds.

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