How Do You Know That Your Marketing Campaign is Working?

There are many ways that you can measure the success of Marketing Firms San Diego.  The way in which you gauge the performance will very likely depend on what you want to accomplish with the campaign.  For instance, if the goal is to build you audience, then you may consider the number of people who signed up for the email mailers, or perhaps the number of followers gained on the social media platform in question. However, let’s assume that, in the clear majority of cases, the ultimate goal is to improve your financial bottom line, which means you want to know how much you’ve grown your audience base, and how that growth will impact your financial growth.  In these cases, there are a number of factors that you can consider, beginning with the following. Interaction Matters More Even if you are attempting to determine the impact on the bottom line, you will undoubtedly look to see how much your following has grown since the start of the Marketing Firms San Diego.  After all, the number is something that others will judge you by, but do recall that the number of followers means very little if those people are unlikely to interact with your account.  Therefore, be sure that you are looking even more closely as the amount of interaction on your posts (shares, comments, conversations, etc.)  The beautiful part is that most social platforms count up the shares for you.  Shares are probably the most important part of this metric, because a share can increase your reach by several hundred, or even several thousand people, depending on the audience base of the person sharing.  Get a ‘social influencer’ to share the post, and you can reach hundreds of thousands.

Click Through Sharing and commenting is wonderful, and carries great value as word-of-mouth is very influential in Marketing Firms San Diego.  But, what you really want is to achieve sales, and that means that you want to know exactly how many times people have clicked on the link in your social posts, to find their way to your website or marketplace.  There are many services that will track these figures for you.  In fact, some of the social platforms provide the service anyway.  However, if you want to have an overall count of how many times the link was clicked, consider services like  Create the shortened link, use it across all platforms, in emails, and elsewhere and all of the clicks will be counted in one place, including those that occurred as a result of shared posts (even those shared privately).


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