It’s Not Enough to Market on Social Media

Digital Marketing Advantages: The current number of social media users hovers (depending on the source that you reference) in the neighborhood of 2 billion people.  That number isn’t expected to decrease anytime soon.  In fact, many projections show that number climbing to 2.5 billion within the next couple of years.   That figure is immense and certainly would give reason for people to believe that they could get away with spending their entire marketing budget on social media channels.  However, that really won’t be enough for the average company. Why?  Social media is a very powerful tool, but it does have a few limitations.  One of those is the level of personalization that can be achieved.  Of course, you can have personal conversations with users, but those take place one at a time.  The bulk of your social media marketing will have to be aimed at a niche, including a large number of consumers.  This is exactly why so many companies still rely on email marketing for Digital Marketing Advantages.

Email allows for very distinct personalization.  With the right marketing software, or even with the right online email marketing service, you can refer to the recipient by name, and make very unique recommendations from your product catalog.  (If you want to learn more about such software and services, check out companies like Act-on and Constant Contact.)  Though many were ready to give up on email marketing, those that have continued to use this channel of communication with consumers have showcased that it still has very real value.

Not only is email marketing a Digital Marketing Advantages way of personalizing the message to the consumer, it is also the preferred marketing channel of consumers.  That is to say that potential buyers are more accepting, welcoming of marketing emails than they are of the ads and promoted posts on social media.  They are more likely to seek out sales and promotions in their email inbox than on social networks.  This is not a universal preference, but one that about three in every four people would agree with.

Email marketing can also have a broader reach, believe it or not.  Depending on your niche, you might find that you can reach a greater number of your potential consumers with email.  Why?  Because there are still far more email users than social media users.  And, this trend is particularly notable among certain generations.

We aren’t asking that you choose between the two, but suggesting that you recognize the value of both and work to integrate both to achieve your Digital Marketing Advantages.

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