Build Your Business with Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing Companies have proven a very effective way to reach consumers.  This is not some great declaration.  It is likely something that you already know quite well, if you are considering expanding onto Instagram.  This social platform has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years and many Instagram Marketing Companies have found that they really appreciate the format. If you are selling products with true visual appeal, then you will very likely appreciate what Instagram Marketing Companies can do for your company as well. There are a few rules that you must abide by, though, if you want to ensure that you get the most from this forum. The first is that you absolutely must use high quality images!  For some companies, this may mean hiring a professional photographer to do photoshoots for your product line.  Don’t simply rely on the camera on your smartphone.  While this can be an effective tool for capturing real time shots of big events, or when remarking on something related to your business, it is not the best option for capturing quality images of your product line.  If you need a high quality photo, but don’t have one that will work with the message that you are trying to relay to your followers, then consider sites like Getty Images, which feature royalty free, high quality images that you can get for free or at very little expense.

Make your message short, sweet, and meaningful.  This is not the same type of platform as Facebook or LinkedIn.  It is a very visual platform, so writing lengthy posts will not serve you well.  However, you will want to make the most of hashtags. Instagram has become the hashtag hub, where people can connect by using industry-related terms and keywords.  Don’t know what hashtags pertain to your business?  Hashtagify is still a very powerful tool for companies that haven’t discovered the best hashtags for their industries, and is generally very affordable.  It also features trending hashtags in realtime.

Finally, be sure that you maintain a consistent message.  If you want to post and share posts on a myriad of topics that interest you, then you can most definitely have a private account as well, but for the sake of your business Instagram profile, stick to the theme.  If fashion is your business, then stay true to that.  When a person visits your Instagram profile, he or she will see only the images that you have shared.  That library of photos should give a clear indication of what you do.

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