Social Media Marketing and the Rule of Quality over Quantity

This is a topic that has come up many times over the past several years, as businesses continue to try to stay afloat in the sea of content available to the masses online.  And, yet, even though it has been talked about so much, it is still a topic that is commonly overlooked by San Diego Internet Marketing companies and media marketers. If you want to make a splash online with San Diego Internet Marketing, with your intended consumers, then you must understand the importance of quality over quantity.  It is true that there are many articles and blog posts (even some on this site) that specify several posts that you should be making per day, per week, per month.  And, we can understand how that would seem to be mixed messages.  However, it is important to understand that those numbers are guidelines, and are intended to give you a goal to shoot for, meant to emphasize the fact that you don’t want too much time to pass between posts.

It is far more important to your brand that when you post on social media, you post something that your consumers care about.  It is the quality of the post that matters more than the quantity of posts you make each week with San Diego Internet Marketing.

This concept does not apply just to the posts you are making, but also to the followers you are amassing and the hashtags you are using.

We fully understand the excitement that comes with watching your number of fans, followers, and friends grow online.  But, that number isn’t everything.  It isn’t even the most important thing.  We’d rather have 500 followers who are willing to interact with our content, share our posts, or buy or services, than 500,000 followers who pay no attention to our brand after the initial decision to follow.  You certainly don’t want to turn away followers, but do make efforts to entice your intended audience to follow.  Offer promotions, host giveaways, take the time to comment on industry-related topics, and you will likely find that you attract followers who care about your brand.  And, then you begin to win the game of quality, rather than simply being able to boost about quantity.

Hashtags can help this cause along as well.  If you use the right hashtags, others in the industry, others interested in what you must sell will find their way to your profile.  On Instagram, for example, there are certain profiles established entirely for the purpose of highlighting individuals and entities in specific industries.  These profiles will often have a very large number of interested followers and therefore can increase the exposure your Instagram posts receive, if they know to promote them.  How do they know to do so?  You must include the appropriate hashtag in your post, so they can find it.  What is the hashtag to use?  Depends on your industry, your product, your service. Using just one of these quality hashtags, though, can be far more valuable than using a large quantity of generic hashtags.

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