Why Should Your Social Media Efforts Always Drive to Your Website

Social media is powerful.  If you haven’t yet learned that, then you aren’t harnessing that power in the right way, yet.  That can be addressed, of course, but the point is that Marketing Firms La Jolla can do a great deal for a business, if used in the right manner.  Of course, it also requires a great deal of time, energy, and, yes, money. Though it is deemed far more cost effective than billboards, magazine ads, or direct mailers (see this article by Social Media Today for further evidence of this fact), Marketing Firms La Jolla does require a portion of your budget.  Making the choice of where to invest your time and money is a big decision, and not one to be made without forethought.

What is the objective of your social campaign for Marketing Firms La Jolla? Of all of your social campaigns collectively?  If the answer was not to drive traffic to your website, then you should probably go back to the drawing boards.

Why do we say that?  More and more often, we are hearing- and reading the stories of companies suffering major losses when Facebook or another of the leading social platforms unexpectedly removes a company fan page, or blocks the use of an account.  Even though Facebook has clearly expressed the right to do this in the User’s Agreement, and on several ‘help pages’, people are still shocked to learn that such an action can be taken without advanced warning.

There are a certain set of standards that a page (or personal account) must abide by in the Facebook realm (as well as in the realms of the other top social platforms).  If there is reason to believe that these guidelines were not properly abided by, the page may be shut down without warning.

One can imagine the frustration that is felt when it is realized that all the time, the money, the energy that went into creating the Facebook account (or page) has all been lost, because of an unintentional offense.

So, how do you prevent the tragedy?

#1. Know the rules and abide by them.  The biggest offenses are often unintentional and avoidable.  For instance, the use of copyrighted material – music, images, video, logos etc. – can cause a complaint to be issued to Facebook, and could just cost you your Facebook page.  Remember that all social platforms have rules that you must abide by, but because Facebook has been the primary example, here are the community standards set forth by that platform.

#2.  Drive traffic to your website.  Build that email list, encourage people to sign up for newsletters, or ask them to register at your online store.  If you promote these actions, even if your FB page is suddenly shut down, you will have retained connections to your audience.

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