Where Will Social Media Marketing Go in the Next Couple of Years?

Predicting the future is something that one associates with gypsies, witches, and fortune tellers, but in Digital Marketing La Jolla we must all have a bit of the magic within us, because predicting the future is the only way to ensure your business remains a success. It is essential to take a look at what is changing and how, so that you can begin to form a picture of what next year, or even the next five years may look like.  Doing this can help to assure that you stay on the front side of a very quickly moving wave of innovation. WHAT WE SEE HAPPENING WITHIN THE NEXT TWO YEARS

Digital Marketing La Jolla Needs Apps It won’t be enough to have a traditional website.  Mobile users are ruling the web now, and that isn’t likely to change.  They want fast, up-to-the minute information.  The best businesses will have apps that recognize location, provide real-time information about sales, discounts, and new product launches, and will use this to interact with the consumer.  We aren’t the only ones that believe in the value of business apps.  If you want evidence of that, then just look to Google, where efforts are being made to reward quality app development, and to integrate those apps into the search results.

Organic Content Will Continue to Lose its Reach If you are still new to social media, or even if you have been at it for years, now is a great time to be sure that you understand how to use boosted posts and pay-per-click advertising.  Why?  While social media channels once provided a great way to get your content before your niche organically, new updates to those platforms have made it increasingly difficult to do so.  That doesn’t mean that social media will lose its value, but it does mean that you will have to change your approach, setting aside a larger portion of your budget for paid advertising on those platforms in the coming years.

Interactive Content Is Going to Trump All Else The companies that are able to create content that is both engaging and interactive will see the greatest success in the coming years.  If you want to be among them, forget the concerns over content quantity, and start focusing on quality.  Innovative, insightful, and engaging content should be the goal.

Really none of this should be overly shocking.  Throughout the history of Digital Marketing La Jolla, it really has been a game of recognizing the next best thing and being among the first to adapt. Now, though, it won’t be enough to be the first, you must also do so in the most effective, innovative manner.

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