How You Can Better Connect On Social Media With Your Niche

If you are in business – regardless of what you are selling and to whom – you need to have a very strong understanding of your niche market.  You need to know who fits within in that segment of the population, where they can be found, and what interests they share.  Only after you have determined the demographics can you begin to devise ways of reaching out to those within the niche. This is likely one of the most dwelled on topics among marketers – how can we connect with the customer?  However, there are ways that you can reach your intended audience, and ways that you can ensure that it is a positive interaction.  And, it can all be done online (assuming that your niche is among the majority of people using social media on the web today).  By social media, it should be noted, we are referring to all internet tools that allow you to directly communicate with a consumer, including email and blogging.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow for a sort of hybrid between organic reach and advertising today.  Boosted posts, for instance, will claim a percentage of your marketing budget, but they have a very natural feel because they don’t have to be formatted like the typical ad.  They are a wonderful way to reach a niche market, because many of these platforms allow you to very directly target your niche down to the finest details.  Be sure, though, in these and all social posts, you are using a language and tone that bodes well with your intended audience.  You can measure the success of your posts with services like Nuvi.

White papers can also be very powerful tools for marketers.  They have received a bad reputation in some circles, but if you truly know and understand your niche, you can create an informational piece that will contain information that those individuals really do need and want to read. Give it away and allow a space for comments or follow-up questions, so you can turn your written work into a conversation.

Personalize, personalize, personalize!  There are so many tools on the web today – some free and some paid – that make it possible to really speak to the person as a person.  Data mining and certain web tools can provide a wealth of information, so you can really speak to what that person cares about, offer the deals that will be of the greatest value to him or her, and even call the individual by name in your correspondence.  Email is the preferable channel for personalized marketing materials.  Services like Constant Contact can help you make your email campaigns more meaningful.


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