Are You Doing B2B Media Marketing Wrong?

There was a misconception floating around, which suggested that there was no value to be gained by marketing to other business on social media with B2B Digital Advertising.  Most have now come to realize that it was a bogus claim, and that you can be just as successful doing social media marketing for B2B operations as you can with B2C companies.  However, this does rely on you taking the right approach to reaching your potential clients.  If you are failing to engage your intended audience, consider these common mistakes made by B2B Digital Advertising on social media. Shouting Loud in the Wrong Arena Just as it wouldn’t be overly effective to scream your support for the L.A. Lakes at a N.Y. Knicks vs. Chicago Bulls game, you aren’t going to get anywhere if you’re on a social platform that your intended audience doesn’t frequent.  If you want a better picture of how you (or your brand) are performing on social media, consider services like NUVI, which can really help you monitor your efforts on multiple platforms.  If you find that the pictures painted by NUVI are consistently lackluster, then it may be a good time to consider switching your focus to a platform more likely to entertain the companies that you seek to do business with.  Need a starting point?  If you are just getting your feet wet with B2B Digital Advertising, and you want to focus your efforts initially, then look to Facebook first.  It has billions of active users, many of whom will be tied to the companies that you want to appeal to.

Having a Narrow Definition of Social Media There is so much more to social media than your profile on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.  There are new social media arenas popping up all of the time.  Some of those will become sensations.  Just look at the booming success of Instagram and SnapChat over the past couple of years.  Others will not be so broadly appealing, but could be good options for you because they are tied to your industry.  Even beyond all of that, there are sites like Glassdoor that are highly interactive, there are industry-specific communities, forums, pages, groups and more online.  Find those and you will very likely find the companies that you want to speak to.

Failing to Recognize the Importance of Visuals This is not just your average stock image.  We are talking about pictures, as well as video, infographics, logos and more.  Visuals are very important to your social success, whether operating a B2C or a B2B business.  Don’t rely purely on stock images!

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