The Advantages and Dangers of Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing Encinitas is a necessary aspect of business these days.  If you still aren’t convinced, consider the many advantages that can be had been participating in online social arenas. Improve Your Website SEO

If you want organic traffic to reach your website, you have your work cut out for you.  There are millions upon millions of website today, which means you need to be on top of your SEO efforts at all time.  Digital Marketing Encinitas matters to the search engines!

Share the Word

People are far less likely to share your blog post, but they will happily share your creative content on social media platforms – even if those posts contain links to the very same blog.  That increases the chances that Digital Marketing Encinitas is seen by your target niche.

Build Brand Loyalty

It has been shown that it takes seeing the same image dozens of times before it forms a connection in the brain.  What better way to ensure that your logo is remembered than to get it in front of social media users on a daily basis?  There is the added bonus of making your brand more approachable by being where the people are.

Communicate with the Customer

No need to make a cold call.  People are willing to converse today.  You just have to get yourself on their social networks.

For all of those reasons, social media marketing is worth the effort, but one must be careful to not overstep the bounds of legal limits.

Most are, by now, aware of the photograph and video protections.  But it isn’t just visual material that can get you in trouble.  Musicians have rights as well. Just because the video app gives the option to add music, doesn’t mean that you can add any song that you want and avoid legal recourse.  You have to purchase the rights to popular music before you can use it for business purposes.  Avoid the headache of a costly lawsuit. Look for stock music options.  There are many royalty free music sites and sites that allow you to buy rights to music. and are two of those options.

Competitions and giveaways can be a great way to improve brand awareness, to get people to join your email list, and to get your content shared.  However, there are legalities that apply.  There are rules to hosting contests online, and they can vary from state to state, and from website to website, so be sure that you know the laws before you make any promises to your potential customers.  The website, for instance outlines the states rules regarding contests.

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