Learning From the Media Marketing Mistakes of Others

Very often, Encinitas Marketing Firms attempting to break into the social arena will look to proven successes on that platform and try to mimic those strategies.  It is a wise move.  There is a reason why those people and entities have had success in social media marketing.  However, there is also a great deal to be learned by looking at the less successful campaigns.  This point hit home recently when we read an article on Computing.co.uk. The article discusses the failed attempts of TalkTalk.

TalkTalk is a UK-based business that aims to provide broadband, television, and mobile service to British consumers.  Their website boasts a number of deals, much like we would see from Time Warner or Verizon, here, in the United States.  Unfortunately, TalkTalk has run into some bad luck lately, as security breaches and poor broadband performance ratings have left consumers more than a little gun shy.  The media marketing efforts of the company did not help the situation.  The company, which has struggled with consistently poor customer service, found that they weren’t not any more successful online.

The “Our Promise to You” campaign was undoubtedly intended to be mysterious enough to entice customers to click through.  When they did so, they found a blog post, essentially generic content about what the company was striving to provide to its consumers.  There was no true value offered for taking to time to click, so you can be sure that the vast majority of visitors clicked away just as quickly.

Lesson Learned #1: Always Provide Value. If a person takes the time to click on your link, be sure they are getting something out of it.  A page of empty promises holds no value for the potential consumer.

As if that alone wasn’t enough, the Encinitas Marketing Firms then failed miserably when reacting to customer comments.  As you might imagine, in a time when the company is suffering on so many fronts, the consumers didn’t have many nice things to say.  Rather than directing those negative comments to a private channel, so they could be properly addressed, the company simply, once again, directed those consumers to the page of promises.

Lesson Learned #2: Answer Questions and Concerns. Every question deserves an answer.  Every concern deserves consideration.  That is Encinitas Marketing Firms 101.  Don’t make the same mistake as this company.  Address the comments of your customers – whether they be positive or negative – with honest, fair responses.  If the comment is negative, you can direct the person to a private channel, such as to a customer instant chat service or by providing the customer service phone number, but don’t ignore them, and be sure that your response is providing them access to answers.  If you are struggling with customer service ratings too, then consider services like Call Fire, which can help you reach consumers in the right way, and help them get to the person who can answers their questions.

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