Quality Versus Quantity in Media Marketing

When weight the quality versus quantity conundrum in the realm of Web Marketing San Diego, many professionals will reference the number of tweets, posts, or photos shared daily.  In this instance, that is not what we are referring to.  It is not the quality of the individual post to which we refer, but rather the quality of the audience receiving that message. Now, obviously, we are not saying that one person (or one group of people) is better than another, but rather referencing the fact that you can get much further with your media marketing if you are speaking to the right people.  Rather than trying to appeal to everyone, you must consider who will receive your message the best.  So, in essence, an audience that we consider of the greatest quality may not appeal to your organization at all.  Or, perhaps it is better to say that your organization would not appeal to them.

There are billions of people on social media today – nearly a third of all people in the world are active on social media, to some extent.  That is certainly a very large audience.  However, you are never going to reach everyone, and attempting to do so is a waste of resources, because not everyone is going to want what you have to offer.  So, rather than worrying about the quantity of people in the audience, instead worry about how likely it is that those who see your content will take the time to read, watch, or respond.

In fact, if you can reach out directly to your niche and interact in an authentic way, you are bound to see the best possible results from your Web Marketing San Diego campaigns.  How do you do this?  DO you have to forgo connections on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, just because those individuals do not fit within your niche?

Of course not!

  • Build up your profiles, pleasantly accept requests to connect, and realize that all networking opportunities have value.
  • Don’t get bogged down with those interactions that aren’t going to lead to improved business performance.
  • Break down your audiences into niches. Create a forum, add new followers to groups based on interests, etc.  In doing so, you can be sure that your content is reaching those who are most likely to read, react, and respond.

Ultimately, if you do this correctly, you can make the most of both quality and quantity, posting more often, but placing those posts in front of the appropriate audiences, so that every post becomes a quality post in Web Marketing San Diego.

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