Contending with the Downfall of Organic Reach

There is no longer an argument for the idea that social media is a passing trend. It has been popular for several years now, during which time people have embraced social media with open arms, even happily taking on multiple platforms. It isn’t going anywhere.  It may evolve, change, alter as all aspects of life do, but it is here to stay, and that has made it a very popular marketing format. Initially, and for a few years thereafter, social platforms provided an excellent opportunity to simply speak and be heard by the potential consumers reading through the feeds.  That sort of organic reach, though, has disappeared.  Companies – even those who have been excessively successful with social marketing – are finding that their organic reach does not extend nearly as far these days.  Social platforms have changed their strategies, and social platforms are busier than ever before.  It all plays against your organic reach.

So, how do you make the best of this?

First and foremost, you have to take more time and put more thought into your social posts.  The same only, bland post isn’t going to be seen, and certainly isn’t going to garner any interest in the swamped feeds.  You have to do something to stand out.  Social goers want to be involved though. This is why many companies have started putting more emphasis on interactive content – quizzes, contests, surveys, etc.  They are also putting more of their budgets toward promoted posts, which are sure to be seen by a larger number of social media users.

There are a number of services that can make it easier for you to create the interactive content that users like.  Once you have created the posts, you can decide whether or not you should promote them.  Remember the type of content that you create should be tied to your line of business.  A bank or other financial institution, for instance, might create calculators that can be shared on social media and used to do real calculations – determining mortgage payments, payments on a new car loan, or the amount of money that can be earned on a particular investment.  Selling educational apps, brain exercises, or other related products?  Then, perhaps quizzes that test IQ, basic math skills, mazes or riddles, would be best.

If you are looking to create video content, you can turn to services like Animoto, which can put your images to music, into a video format.  For quizzes, services like Qzzr can be very helpful for creating and embedding the question and answer concept.  And, Rafflecopter is great for those who want to run contests and giveaways.

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