5 Best Ways to Get Your Employees Involved in Social Media Marketing

One of the biggest resources for Digital Marketing Carlsbad, is the rest of the company team.  Organic material can be extremely effective when it comes to social media marketing, and that doesn’t always have to come from the consumer – it can also come from those who know the company inside and out. Employees are fountains of information, and can be seen as a more trustworthy voice by the consumer.  They also have their own individual followings, which means more people that you can reach with your message.  But, how do you get your employees active on social media?  Here are the top five solutions other Digital Marketing Carlsbad companies are using to do just that:

  1. Host a contest to see who can get the most friends talking about the brand

Contests and giveaways are big incentives for the general public, and they can be just as effective when trying to spur on your employees.  You don’t have to spend a large sum of money to give something of value to the winner of the contest.  Just take a small chunk of cash from your budget and get a gift card to a popular restaurant, give a cash prize, or purchase a tablet or other hi-tech gadget.  You can make that decision based on how much you have to spend.  Regardless of the prize, challenge employees to get people talking about the brand.  Suggest that they each create their own individual hashtag, so you can gauge who got the most tweets, shares, etc. The winner gets the prize, and your company gets a lot of publicity for a very small investment.

  1. Host a photo contest

This is another contest idea, but a fun one.  People love taking selfies and pictures of their own life.  Create a photo challenge that involves your brand.  Set a date for submissions, and then ask the public (potential consumers) to vote in order to determine the winner.

  1. Offer a “promotion”

If you have an employee who has a particularly large following online, then take advantage.  Offer a promotion, of sorts, to that employee, in exchange for chatter about your brand.  That way, he or she gets a boost to the resume, and you get the exposure.

  1. Offer incentives or rewards for those who ‘create content’

Rather than a giveaway or promotion, you can simply offer monthly incentives for those who are active on social media, spreading the word about the brand.  Just be sure that you clearly define what is expected when telling your employees about the opportunity.

  1. Just Ask

Many marketing managers spend a lot of time trying to determine the best approach for getting people talking about the brand – employees and consumers.  Often, the headache is unnecessary.  Sometimes, all it takes is asking.  Just ask your employees to share updates on your brand periodically, particularly when launching new products, or when something is on sale.  You’ll likely find that they are more than willing to assist, without any sort of incentive.

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