How to Contend with Drop in Organic Reach

Many companies, recently, even some of the social influencer, have admitted to a drastic drop in organic traffic.  They are seeing less lower click-through rates on their social posts, and they are seeing less sharing- and other interaction form their followers.  In many instances, these social marketers have admitted to organic reach dropping by 50% or more.  If you are experiencing this, do not be overly alarmed.  You are not alone.  But, it is time to take action, to ensure that this doesn’t have a negative impact on your bottom line. This is a problem that has been slowly working its way into many organizations throughout the country and beyond, which means that we have seen many different proposed solutions.  That list has included ideas such as:

  • Hire the pros to manage your social media. The same level of organic reach may require more time and effort as social media platforms evolve.  Most business owners and managers find that they can’t spare the time needed, because it would be taken away from other, essential business processes…
  • Alter the sharing ratio – increase conversation, cut back on ‘marketing content’ or vice versa, to get the most participation form the audience.

In some instances, the proposed solutions above could prove very effective. Remember, though, that this problem is wide spread, and being seen by a large number of very powerful social media players.  You are not alone, so most likely the drop off that you have witnessed is not because you have done something wrong, but rather because social media platforms are evolving to meet the demands of their investors.  Facebook, for instance, needs to appeal to shareholders, and they do that best when they make money through paid advertising.

As a result of this, there are a few things that you may want to consider, as you adjust your social media campaigns.

  • Focus on paid social media advertising. It can be an excellent opportunity, the silver lining to this dark cloud.
  • Set aside some of that budget for promoted posts, though. Promoting posts is a great way to get more exposure these days.  That means more views from potential consumers, and that makes those few dollars a very worthwhile investment.
  • Focus on making paid advertisements highly targeted. Social platforms provide you the ability to focus your efforts on a very distinct audience, so you get the views that are most likely to lead to worthwhile interaction and potential sales.  However in order to do this well you must know your niche market better than ever before.

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