Preparing Your Start-Up for the Social Media Campaign Launch

In the previous blog post, we wrote a good deal about the building of a Digital Marketing Carlsbad dream team.  It is very important that you assemble a strong, Digital Marketing Carlsbad collaborative group that meshes well to create an online presence for your brand.  Doing so will pay off, in huge ways, in the years that follow.  Because your consumers are so active online these days, you must be as well, and that means entrusting others to take the reins so that you can do what you do best. However, there is more that must be done before the launch.  Once you have your data analyzer, your ad launcher, your social butterfly, blogger, and emailer ready to go to work, you must take the next steps to ensure the launch is a success.

Many of these questions may be best answered by the intelligent, talented people you have hired for the social media purpose.  However, this list should get your wheels turning, so you can lead your team in the right direction.

Who will do what? Now, obviously, because of the titles that you had assigned to them, each member of the team will have certain tasks assigned to them, but there will also be some tasks that don’t clearly fall in one court or the other, the lines can become blurred.  As you make your plans, pre-launch, be sure that every member of the team is clear on what is expected of him or her, precisely.

Where are you headed? The internet is huge, massive, and certainly far too big for you to be all-encompassing.  You must know where this launch is aiming to take you.  Which social channels will you choose to use?  Are those profiles created and finalized?  Which landing page will the various ads take the consumer?  Even with a team, the online social realm can get overwhelming, but if you have a definite plan in place, things will operate much more smoothly.

Who is managing the website? Though this role was not clearly listed when assembling a Digital Marketing Carlsbad Dream Team, you will, undoubtedly, have someone assigned to the task of updating and maintaining the website.  This person should be in close conjunction with the social gurus at your company, because the two areas of the web are so closely tied.  How will this person, specifically, interact with the social media dream team?  Will those members have editing power on the website, or will each update have to be run through the website operator?  These are details that should be ironed out before any new campaign is launched.

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