Creating Your Media Marketing Dream Team

If you are sitting in the power seat at a new start up, then you undoubtedly have a great deal to consider.  The launching of an effective Digital Marketing Del Mar campaign is among those concerns.  Once you have decided on the platforms to be used, you’ll have to do a fair amount of prep work before you will be ready to reach out to your intended audience. Creating that Dream Team One of the biggest mistakes that Digital Marketing Del Mar companies make is choosing a single person, or selecting a group of inexperienced individuals to manage the media marketing end of the business.  This is a big job, an important job, and one that calls for a myriad of talents.  Your company will be best outfitted with a team of social gurus, each specializing in a various portion of the process.

  • The Data Analyzer This is a person who is very happy and fulfilled when crunching numbers on a daily basis. Data analysis will feel like torture or, at very least, like an overwhelming task to the average person, but there are some who love it and who are truly talented when it comes to making sense of streams of data.
  • The Ad Launcher Whether a PPC ad on a search engine site or a paid social media advertisement, someone is going to have to set all of the protocol, design the ad display, and ensure that company is getting the most out of its advertising investment.
  • The Social Butterfly A big part of social marketing is monitoring the chatter that is taking place on social feeds. You want to know when your brand is mentioned. You want to be sure to respond to customer questions or comments in a timely manner.  You want to be sure that your company accounts remain active, but you likely don’t have time to manage that on your own.  This is where the social butterfly is important to the organization.  Not only will this person be effective at engaging others on social platforms, he or she will also be the type to know about all of the new technology advancements in that arena, so your company can stay on the forefront.
  • The Blogger In order to keep your social feeds active and engaging, you’ll need some original content. A blog manager doesn’t necessarily have to be the person doing all of the writing – a task that might be better shared by many people in the organization – but is someone who can curate the content created by others, while adding his or her own words when necessary, to create a mix of time-sensitive- and evergreen content.
  • The Emailer Despite all of the advancements made since the introduction of email, this remains one of the most effective forms of advertising. Email marketing campaigns can be customized and individualized so that they speak directly to the consumer.  That often means a greater click through rate, and a better return on investment.  You will need someone familiar with this marketing approach though, and someone able to work hand-in-hand with the data analyzer.

The most successful entrepreneurs and businessmen are those who surround themselves with talented people.  Assembling a great Digital Marketing Del Mar team means that you can feel secure in the fact that your company is being well represented online.  It also means that your time is freed up, so that you can continue to do what you do best.

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