What Your Company Can Learn About Marketing From Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees recently announced its intentions to unleash a new marketing campaign, which is about much more than selling a few more tubes of bees’ wax-based lip balm. The whole campaign started with the realization that the bee population in this country is declining. Following the news stories and speaking with others in the industry, it was clear to those within the corporation that this problem wasn’t going to be short lived.  The cause of the bee colony collapses is not yet known, but what is worrying is the fact that these tiny workers are responsible for pollinating the plants that produce more than a third of the foods that we eat. Lip Balm certainly wasn’t the biggest concern, but this company was in the right place (deeply footed in the public’s good graces) to help the bees.

So, they removed all of the “B” s from their labels, for a limited time, as a symbol of the disappearing bee colonies.  And, they promised that proceeds and donations would go toward the planting of massive fields of wildflowers, which are a major food source for the bees. Not only will this help the environment, it will undoubtedly help Burt’s Bees bottom line.


What can we learn from this?

#1. Know What Your Consumers Are Searching Looking for the most relevant keywords for your website shouldn’t be the end of your investigation.  You should constantly be seeking information about what your consumers are searching, so you know what they care about, and you can use that information to formulate your next marketing campaign.  Burt’s Bees did this brilliantly. More than 2 million searches last year were related to the dwindling honey bee population.  You can of course watch for trends on Twitter and other social sites, but also consider tools like Google’s Keyword Planner, which will allow you to search for keywords based on how many times they have been entered into the Google search bar over the past month.

#2. Follow the Industry-Related News Knowing what the consumers are searching isn’t enough.  You have to do the searches yourself.  Set up news alerts with sites like Google News, so you are fed this information directly to your inbox.  You can also use tools like Reddit to get the lowdown on what’s happening within your industry.

#3. Embrace the Eco-Friendly Movement This is a movement that won’t die.  People are concerned about the environment, and rightfully so.  There are many generations to come, who will rely on this planet’s resources.  According to several research reports, the younger generations, especially, are willing to spend a little more on a product, if that company demonstrates eco-friendly behavior.

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