Spring Cleaning For Your Website

Is your website feeling a little stale? Do analytics indicate that people are clicking through less frequently or bouncing out more often? It’s the perfect time of year to take a look at your online presence, clear out the cobwebs, and inject a breath of fresh air. How? Analyze Your Content. Comb through your archives and use analytics programs to determine which content is performing well and which is not pulling its weight. Take a look at the worst 10, for example. Are they dated? Stale? Irrelevant? Discard them. Can they be refreshed and repurposed? Perhaps you could add an updated example, remove outdated terms, or combine them with other pieces to form stronger content offerings. Take a look at your best content. What is it doing that other content is not? Plan a strategy that leverages these strengths.

Review Your Products/Services. At least once a year, it’s beneficial to take a look at your offerings. How are certain products performing? Do people like or respond well to your services? Are there offerings that you can eliminate, thus freeing you up to focus on high-potential lines? Could you reposition existing products/services to attract new customers or reengage existing ones?

While you’re at it, update your product/service descriptions. Instead of relying on manufacturers’ blurbs, craft your own. Inject a few targeted keywords, and these pages will work much harder for you.

Check the Basics. Is your contact information up-to-date? Can people easily find you and call, text, email, chat, or visit? Does your About page reflect your current business thinking and philosophy? Does it tell your story effectively? And are your FAQs still relevant? Do they provide answers that your customers are really looking for?

These are just a few housekeeping items that can help you spruce up your entire presence. If you want to do a deep-clean, enlist the help of a professional digital marketing partner. It’s an investment well worth making.

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