Brighten Your B2B Social Media Outlook

Social media enables organizations to interact and engage with consumers; so it’s not a viable option for B2Bs? This is a myth, one that should be “busted” as soon as possible so your company can begin to leverage this powerful tool to reach your target audience. Why Social Matters

The reality is that social media is not only a viable solution, it can be even more effective for B2Bs than B2Cs. Why? You likely have a much smaller customer base: you may work with only a handful of clients or customers, each of whom brings in big business. When you take steps to engage them and build your reputation – your digital “word of mouth” – the benefits can be exponentially greater.

Here are some tips to help you build a strong B2B social presence:

  • Connect with partners and others with whom you work. Follow partners and industry collaborators whose work touches yours and begin a conversation. If you have a previous relationship, great. If not, introduce yourself and join the community.
  • Share their content. Like, retweet, and share the best content from partners and influencers in your field. This adds value to your own readers or followers. And, often, when you share thought leadership from others, those people are more likely to reciprocate and share your work.
  • Create new content together. Reach out to an existing partner or new social contact with ideas for content collaboration. This benefits both parties – as well as both sets of followers. Build rapport via social media, and when you’ve established a good relationship, email them with a proposal and topics.
  • Focus on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the professional’s social media network, and now, anyone can publish their content. Not every B2B company does this, so you have the opportunity to gain a significant edge. Also, don’t forget to join – or start – groups to share thought leadership, ideas, suggestions, advice, etc.

Social is far from an exclusive B2C tool; use the same techniques to strengthen your business-to-business relationships. The results wills speak for themselves.

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