The Elevator Pitch and Why it is Even More Essential Today

The term “elevator pitch” has been used in marketing classes for generations.  The idea that you can present the purpose of your brand in as little time as it takes to travel up a couple of stories in an elevator is quite powerful, and important.  It always has been, but the internet and the invention of social media have made that need for brevity even more essential. There are a number of reasons why we say this, but the primary three are:

  1. Twitter The 140 character rule, though it may frustrate some, has really defined this generation perfectly. If you can’t say it in 140 characters these days, then it probably isn’t worth saying.
  2. Lack of Attention Span And, this is exactly why the 140 character rule is so effective. We are bombarded with information every time we get on the web.  That leads to a very short attention span, and if we don’t get the message clearly, concisely, and in a memorable way, then we are very likely moving on to something else before we’ve read it through.
  3. PM and Text It’s not just Twitter, of course. The abbreviated form of speech is also seen in private messages and text messages.  We say what we mean quickly to ensure that the message is received and that we aren’t wasting time – ours’ or theirs’

It’s not just the salesman that needs to have the elevator pitch down.  All members of the business can be spreading the message to interested parties, thereby helping the company grow.  That includes you.

In fact, the elevator pitch doesn’t just apply to the company any longer, it is also a form of introducing yourself, promoting your own talents and worth.  It may not even be prospective consumers either.  You may find that this sort of pitch is highly effective when trying to sell the company executives on a new concept.


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