Five Reasons Facebook Wins

For a few years, not long ago, there was a lot of talk about Facebook coming to an end.  Many people were predicting its downfall, comparing it to the notorious MySpace.  However, the social platform hasn’t gone away, and it has rebounded with substantial success.  It remains the most influential social arena, where people are willing to share and engage with companies, news stories, and other such content.  So, why is it such a powerhouse? Large Audience Nearly three-quarters of all internet users have Facebook accounts.  They aren’t just signing up, they are intrigued enough to check in.  Even those who held off, refusing to join what was “sure to be a failure” are curious enough to take a look around after listening to others spout off all of the information that they gathered on Facebook the night before.  There are more than a billion Facebook users who spend an average of twenty minutes per day engaging on the site.

On and Offline Sharing It is that continued conversation, even after the computer has been shut down and the smartphone is set aside that gives Facebook so much power.  People continue talking about- and sharing the information that they discovered in their Facebook feeds, even when they aren’t signed in.

Appeals to Mature Audiences While many older Americans are shy to try new technology, they have been taken in by Facebook.  More than half of those over the age of 65 are now on Facebook, and that number continues to increase.

Companies Continue to Be Active Part of the reason why there was talk about the downfall of Facebook is that many believed that businesses would begin to pull out and centered their efforts elsewhere (i.e. Google+ and Instagram), but the companies have stayed put.  Nearly 85% of mid- and large sized companies are using Facebook as part of their marketing efforts.

The New Social Platforms Appeal to the Young Instagram is one of the most frequently compared platforms.  Many believed that it would begin to steal the Facebook users away.  It has become a powerhouse in its own right, with more than 3 billion ‘likes’ daily, and we do suggest that you keep your mind open to the possibilities that exist on Instagram, but it is a different audience than will be found on Facebook.  Only ten percent of the users are over the age of 35.  It appeals to the younger generations.  That’s wonderful, if your company is seeking the millennial audience, but if you are seeking buyers with an expendable income, families, or individuals over the age of 35, then you aren’t as likely to find them on Instagram.

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