Giving Back To Your Audience Can Mean a Small Social Media Budget

If you are attacking social media marketing with a very tight budget, then you certainly face a bit of an uphill battle.  There is a need for financial investment these days, for the purpose of promoting posts, placing advertisements, hosting giveaways, and other such measures.  However, there is a lot that you can do to get your efforts underway. The most important thing will be to increase your exposure, and that means dedicating time, so you can be present.  Focus on helping others to help yourself.  That means finding your intended audience, as well as others in your industry, so you can interact with those who share your interests.  Like them, like their posts, share their content, and engage them with meaningful comments.  As a general rule, two-thirds of your efforts on social media should be for the purpose of promoting others’ industry-related content.  The other two-thirds can be dedicated to tell your story, featuring your products, and giving advice based on your industry-related experience.

By engaging others, you will begin to build a dedicated and loyal audience, who will want to take a look at the information that you share.  Continue to follow and like more people on a regular basis, so you open the door to reciprocation.  Be sure that you are engaging those that take the time to follow you, and you will begin to see your audience grow.

As your number of followers grow, it will be helpful to group them based on interests or on status (i.e. vendors versus customers).  On platforms like Twitter, you can do this through the use of lists.  Add new followers to the most pertinent lists, so you can reach out with more personalized content.

Don’t be afraid to, occasionally, ask others to return the favor.  Ask for the retweet, ask others to comment on what you’ve shared, or ask a question that demands an answer.  Sometimes people just need a little encouragement to share and engage.

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