How Can You Make Your Content More Shareable?

This is one of the questions that we are frequently asked by those considering our services.  They are creating content, and some of it is definitely worthy of sharing, but they aren’t seeing the engagement that they desire.  This is not an unusual complaint.  Sometimes it comes down to exposure.  Certainly, those who have thousands of followers are more likely to see engagement than those who have a couple of dozen followers.  Other times, it comes down to when, how, and where it is posted.  So, if you have found that your content is not being shared, consider these helpful tips. Time Your Posts Correctly It is amazing how many people admit to us that they don’t post new content on the weekend, because they figure people won’t be checking in.  That’s the claim, but the truth is that on Twitter, for instance, retweets most commonly occur on Saturday and Sunday.  People aren’t as tied up with work, and may find more time to read through their feeds.  That doesn’t mean that you should post everything on the weekend, but it does mean that you should be conscious of your audience’s behaviors, so you can time your posting to be most impactful.

Rethink the Headline Don’t tell them everything that they need to know in the headline, or they probably aren’t going to read any further, but at the same time, do make the headline clear enough, and enticing enough that they want to explore further.    Be sure, though, that you limit your headline length, so the whole title can be seen in the email inbox, but also so that it is far fewer than the 140 character max on Twitter.

Make it Easy to ShareThe length of the post, making it Twitter-friendly, is part of this, but the easier you can make it for people to share the content, the more inclined they will be to do so.  Include share buttons on all of your content, and don’t hide them.  So many times we have had to search a webpage to find the share buttons, and most people aren’t going to put forth that sort of effort.  Be sure that they are large enough and positioned so that they are sure to be seen.

Ask There is a fine line between asking your audience to do something and being overbearing, but a clear call to action isn’t going to overdo it.  So, be sure that you include one with your content.  Ask them to comment, to share, or to like it. As long as you are providing worthwhile content, the call to action won’t bother them, but it just may inspire them to act.

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