Please Stop Making These Marketing Automation Mistakes!

If you are relatively new to the process of marketing automation, then there is likely still much to learn.  However, allow us to point out a few things that you definitely don’t want to do.  These mistakes are commonly made, and often lead to trouble for marketers.  So, learn from their mistakes and get more out of your marketing automation. Don’t Choose the First Automation Platform You Come Across There are many options for marketing automation today, and the one that you choose should be determined by the needs of your marketing team.  In some cases, that might mean using more than one service, but the worst thing that you can do is to choose the first that you are exposed to, believing that they are all the same.  They are not.  Each has advantages and disadvantages, and you would do well to explore several before selecting the one that best suits your organization.

Don’t Get Stuck in an Automation Rut Trust us when we say that you can repeat your message several times, in a few different ways and reach more people by doing so.  But, if you send the same message, with nothing else in between, you are very likely to scare your audience off.  Automation is a very powerful tool, but it can be just as harmful as it is helpful, if you are not careful about your approach.  Be sure that you are mixing up the messages that are sent out, and definitely be sure that you are signing in to do some live interacting as well.

Don’t Overkill Just because you can post to all of your different platforms dozens of times per day, thanks to marketing automation, doesn’t mean that you should.  Interaction is good.  Brand awareness is good.  The goal, though, should be to provide worthwhile content on a consistent, not overwhelming basis.

Don’t Ignore the Timing Marketing automation is awesome because it allows you to preschedule posts for a time that is more convenient for- and meaningful to your intended audience.  Be sure that you are timing your posts correctly so that they create the biggest possible splash.

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