Why “Going Viral” May Not Be The Best Objective For Your Company

We have had many people come to us, looking for someone who can create viral content for their companies.  With the invention of sites like YouTube, there came the possibility of creating a low- or no cost video that could be seen and shared hundreds of thousands of times, even millions.  The term “going viral” was born, and soon it applied to many different types of content, not just video.  People have been attempting, ever since, to create the next internet sensation so they too can go viral. However, you must remember that while viral content will certainly ensure that you get a lot of exposure, it is a very short term form of growth.  Viral content is here today, gone tomorrow.  So, while creating influential, shareable content should certainly be part of your marketing strategy these days, ‘going viral’ probably shouldn’t be your objective.

It’s not just the viral content, but the concept of getting big exposure overnight that has led to social marketing failure for many companies.  How many have paid to get followers on Twitter, only to find that the sudden spike in numbers doesn’t really produce any notable growth in the business.  Those followers aren’t genuinely interested in the company or its product.  In fact, most of them probably aren’t even human, but rather fake accounts created for the single purpose of adding to the follower tally.

Winning in the social arena is not about creating one great, viral piece of content, but rather about producing a consistent stream of interactive, share-worthy material.  It isn’t about having one thousand new followers overnight, but rather about developing real relationships with real people, who may just be your future customers.  So, instead of asking us to help you produce viral content, ask us how we can set you up for long term success online, and how those efforts can improve your bottom line.

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