The Race to be the Best Dental Care Provider Online

If you thought running a successful dental office meant only have a proper education, experience, and an inviting office, then you should probably reconsider your approach.  Like so many different industries today, the dentists of this nation are finding that, in order to enjoy a successful practice, they have to be active online. Reviews One of the biggest pushing forces, which has driven many dentists to form an online presence, is the formation of medical review sites.  Like doctors, dentists can now be reviewed online, by current- and former patients. This doesn’t happen on a single site, but on number pages across the World Wide Web, so that a search of a dentist’s name and location can turn up dozens of reviews.  One can imagine how a negative review could have a devastating effect on a practice.

The New Yellow Pages But, it isn’t just the presence of negative reviews that can hurt a dental practice, but the lack of a presence at all.  People don’t search the yellow pages to find a dentist anymore, but they will search the internet.  That’s been the case for several years now, but added to this is the social media conversation.  People are asking for the opinions of others.  They may read the reviews, but they are also asking for information on social media and, if the dentist already has a presence on that platform, there is a greater chance that the person asking will be led to that office.

Brand Recognition Even as a dentist, you are a brand, and the more familiar people are with that brand, the more likely they are to call your number when they are in need of dental treatment.  Websites are great, and can provide a lot of information for the person who knows to look up that particular office, but social marketing – paid advertisement, a social media presence, and a content strategy – more and more people will begin to know the brand, will know to search out that website, and more importantly, your office.

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