Making Gains on Twitter By Focusing on the Uncertainty

Not only is the company failing to attract new users, but it reported a decline in monthly active users last quarter. It was a powerful statement made in a recent piece in the Wall Street Journal.  We read it, intrigued about the advice that the author was giving to those who weren’t sure how to use Twitter.  It’s not an unusual complaint, by any means.  There are a lot of people who report feeling overwhelmed and less than impressed with the Twitter feed.  What we liked most about the news piece, though, was the fact that much could be inferred by those who want to reach the nervous Twitter users.

Who to follow?

For the person who is uncomfortable on Twitter, there is definitely a question of who to follow.  The author of this piece recommended that Twitter be treated as a news channel, and that means following those who are offering valuable news in a variety of different industries.

That means that you have to be one of their followers, but you also have to get news-worthy content on there that is deemed valuable enough by Twitter to be showcased as part of the trending topics, or you have to speak directly – and, we mean directly, as in tagging – to your audience members when you want them to read something.  For the unsure Twitter user, the direct approach can be very powerful.

Is anybody listening?

Another concern highlighted by the author is the fear that the tweets made are worthless and going unseen.  While it is recommended that these individuals really consider what they post and when, we say that your brand can make a big impact by interacting with those who are unsure.  Make a point of commenting on posts from those who are new to Twitter or clearly struggling to make the most of the platform.  We are sure that your efforts will be appreciated, and you may just develop a new loyal customer.

What’s it meant for?

It’s fairly clear that Facebook is meant for interacting with friends and family, while LinkedIn is all about business.  This author states, with good reason, that Twitter is all about interactive news.  The TwitterMoments tab calls the top stories forward and highlights some of the best tweets centered on those topics.  Wind up in this area and you are sure to make a splash with the Twitter-tentative souls.

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