How Are the Influencers Staying On Top

People like Kanye West and J.K. Rowling obviously had a head start on others when they joined the social media arena.  Their fan base had already been secured by their previous successes, but not all influencers enjoyed the easy road to the top.  And, even the big names like these had to put in time and effort to reach the rank of social influencer. J.K. Rowling, for instance, has really expanded the world of her characters by adding to the story through her Pottermore website.  The fans already loved the books, and this gave them an added bonus, and an opportunity to interact with the author.  However, that isn’t all that Rowling has done online.  She has built communities around her political beliefs and an effort to spread the message about chronic depression.  By choosing to extend her efforts beyond her product – her books – and choosing other platforms on which to speak, she has earned herself the title of influencer.

Joy Cho is the creator of the Oh Joy! Brand has certainly earned herself some serious internet fame, which is made clear by the fact that she has more than twelve million followers on Pinterest alone, but what we like more is the fact that Cho has not backed off in her efforts to continue as a social influencer.  She has made some strong partnerships, which have kept her in the virtual lime light, with companies like Toyota and Target.  You may not be an influencer yet, but there is certainly something to learn from Cho.  By pairing up with others on social media, you can share in simultaneous growth, and improve your own brand recognition.

Donald Trump.  That name that has been the cause of great controversy in recent months is one that cannot be ignored.  Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that the current political candidate has made a big splash online.  Why?  He speaks in a language clearly intended for a specific audience.  Knowing how to talk to your niche is important and the more natural you can be in your online conversations, the more likely it is that your audience will be engaged.

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