Instagram is Switching up Your Feed

The news is circulating all over the web, as Instagram users take a stance – either for or against the new algorithm. For several years, Facebook relied on a feed like that currently seen on Instagram.  When you signed in, you saw whatever your “friends” posted in chronological order.  But as the platform grew, Facebook swapped the time-based feed for an algorithm that determined which content was most likely to be engaging for the user.  Now, Instagram is doing the same, and while many are fighting back against the decision, it isn’t all bad.

The Company’s Intention

Some of the Instagram’s 400 million users might be standing in protest of the change, but the truth is that it could ultimately improve the experience for most.  Right now, it is estimated that each person signing in misses 70 percent of what could been seen on their feeds.  That is easy to understand, given that many users follow hundreds or thousands of other accounts.  But the algorithm could be used to ensure that they don’t miss the biggest moments – a friend’s wedding photo, the pregnancy announcement, or the news about a limited time event nearby, for instance.  And, while that might mean that they miss a few cat videos and pictures of their friends’ dinner plates, ultimately it could make the experience more exciting.

The Good News for Marketers

It is that increased excitement and engagement that Instagram, and many marketers are counting on.  Instagram has been a marketing hot spot since it started selling ad space in September.  While the algorithm won’t have an impact on the current advertising products, it could draw a bigger crowd to the social platform, or, at very least, keep the current users online longer.  That means more people see the ads that are placed there, and your marketing efforts may just pay off faster.

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