7 Tips to Create Better Headlines

The headline is like a first impression.  It will take mere seconds for the viewer to make a judgement.  If the headline is catchy enough, the person may want to take a closer look or even to develop a tentative relationship.  If that first impression is a negative one, the ties will be cut before they even begin to form. Consider these tips to ensure your headlines make great first impressions.

  1. Keep it Short and Sweet Too many characters means that you might overrun the limit, and half of your headline won’t be seen on an email, in search results, or even on social platforms. So, set a character limit and remember that some of the most effective headlines are just one- to three words in length.
  2. Create a Sense of Urgency If a person is told that the contents are time sensitive, that sale prices are offered for one day only, or that a deadline is quickly approaching, he or she will be more likely to open it right away, instead of putting it off (likely forgetting about it completely).
  3. Make Them Laugh If you can get them to laugh or even just smile, you are far more likely to get them to click through or to read on. A funny headline is a very effective headline.
  4. Embrace Emotions When a laugh isn’t appropriate, make the headline emotive. If you can tug at a person’s heartstrings in a few mere words, they will have faith that you have more to offer.
  5. Make Them Feel Special When a person feels that he or she is part of an exclusive club, a select group, or otherwise singled out in a positive way, the response is often one of willingness and loyalty.
  6. Ask a Question Quiz them or ask a question that makes them want to know the answer, and they won’t be able to ignore what comes next.
  7. Be Sincere Above all else, be true to your brand and to your customers. Trustworthiness is a very powerful trait in business.

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