Keeping Your Social Media Marketing SMART

Very likely you have heard of the SMART acronym before.  It is commonly referred to in the business world, and while some would refer to it as too cliché, we recognize the value that it holds.  This is especially true for businesses trying to get ahead on social media. S: Be Specific It is important to be very precise about what you hope to accomplish on social media.  As we have said before, a proper plan will greatly increase the likelihood that you have success with social media marketing. A great plan begins with a definite understanding of what you hope to accomplish as a result of your efforts.  It’s not enough to say that you hope to increase your customer base.  Create definable goals, such as ‘add 100 email addresses to the marketing list within six months’ or ‘interact with at least three new customers per week’.

M: Measure The Results of Your Efforts Always keeping your goals in mind, determine which metrics can be used to measure the results of your efforts, so you can be sure that you are on the right path to reaching your objectives.  Learn from these metrics.  Don’t be afraid to experiment, until you find an approach that puts you on the fast track to reaching those specific goals.

A: Be Sure That Your Goals are Achievable While we never want to see you give up on achieving your objectives, there will be times when you realize that you set the bar too high.  You may have to scale down your goals or extend your timeline in order to make those goals achievable.

R: Be Realistic Social media isn’t free, it is time consuming, and you do have other responsibilities.  Don’t overwhelm yourself or you are sure to fail.  Be realistic about the budget you have to spend and the amount of time you can dedicate to these endeavors.  Ask for help when you need it.

T: Set a Time Limit If you haven’t achieved your goal in the length of time that you initially set as you goal, then you should reevaluate.  If you came close, then give yourself a little extra time to make it happen.  But, if you are falling far short of the objective, it’s time to go back to the drawing boards.

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