What is Social Media Looking Like in 2016

There are a number of trends that start to take form by this point in the year, every year with Marketing Companies in San Diego.  We have certainly noticed some, many of those previously predicted.  So, if you are trying to keep up with the ebb and flow of internet socialization, consider these 2016 stats and fun facts from Marketing Companies in San Diego. Instagram is a Home Run While many were waiting with baited breath, expecting another Google+ situation, Instagram has proven its worth to the naysayers.  This year, it hit the 300 million user mark, and it is still growing.  The millennials love it, and even the members of older generations are starting to toy with the social platform.

YouTube Continues to Be a Powerhouse While LinkedIn has fallen out of the top five list of social media platforms with the most users, YouTube has proven that it is here to stay.  More than 1 billion users continue to be active on the social video platform, and as live video streaming continues to grow in popularity, YouTube is certain to enjoy an even greater influx of activity.

Paid Marketing and Buy Buttons Pay Off Though there has been a long running misconception that social media is a form of free advertising, it does require a budget.  However, the investment can certainly be worthwhile.  Buy buttons, promoted posts, and smart paid advertising is paying off for many marketers.

Storytellers are Gaining Ground In 2015, there was a lot of talk about the importance of being able to tell a story.  This year, it is very clear that the skill is a very valuable one.  New publication formats have made it possible for the storytellers to reach consumers in new and exciting ways. Facebook’s Instant Articles, for instance, allows for full length articles to be published directly to the social platform.  That means more visibility, much faster load times, and more interactive features.

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