25 Questions to Ask When Creating Your Social Media Plan

Social media can be an overwhelming term for some businesses, but with a proper plan in place, it becomes second nature for most people (and teams).  Be sure that you treat this like you would a business plan, answering all of the questions that can help you plot your path to success.

  1. What is the age range of my intended audience?
  2. Men, women, or both?
  3. What does my average customer bring home as annual income?
  4. Have they earned college degrees? Masters? Doctorates?
  5. What industry do they work in?
  6. Which social media platform would they prefer?
  7. What is the struggle they contend with that I can solve?
  8. Can I create content that portrays empathy related to that struggle?
  9. What questions would my average customer have for me?
  10. What misconceptions might they have about this industry?
  11. How many blog posts can I really write per week? Per month?
  12. What sorts of giveaways, contests, or quizzes will apply to my customer?
  13. How many times per day can I afford to update social statuses
  14. What sort of budget do I have for paid advertising and promoted posts?
  15. How often will I check in to respond to questions, comments, & concerns?
  16. Which accounts can I follow that might improve my presence online?
  17. How many times per day should I retweet, tag others, or share posts?
  18. Are there any industry related groups active on social platforms?
  19. How often can I showcase my products without annoying followers?
  20. How many new accounts will I follow each week?
  21. What keywords can I use as effective hashtags?
  22. Are there industry related hashtags that I should be using?
  23. What sort of video would my customers want to watch?
  24. Which content on my website can I link back to from social posts?
  25. What questions can I ask that will encourage customers to interact?

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