4 Reasons to Start a Video Blog for Your Business

A Video Blog for your business is quickly becoming one of the most powerful tools available to media marketers.  Most social media platforms, websites, blog sites, and other channels provide the option to include video these days, and there is something amazingly enticing about video.  You can enjoy the benefits by creating a video blog. Blog about your passion, but don’t worry about writing There are a lot of people in this world that have important information and expertise to share, but who lack the skill needed to put that information in written form.  Video is particularly appealing in these instances.  If it is easier for you to speak your thoughts, to share your knowledge verbally, then video will become a very powerful tool for you as well.  You will likely find that you have a much easier time consistently creating worthwhile content, and that means that you have more to talk about and share online. Animoto is a perfect solution if you’re looking to create professional video easily. After trying many different video platforms, MaxAudience ended up getting the best results with Animoto.

Give your company a face Video obviously interacts with the viewer in a way that text cannot, which is why it had become such a popular method of reaching audiences recently.  This also provides you the opportunity to make your brand more human.  People can build relationships and converse more easily when they are speaking to a person as opposed to a brand.  By creating a video blog, you are giving your company a face, and the customer someone to address.

Set your company apart.  While all of your competitors fight to get their text-based content shared, you can be doing something different.  In this case, different can be very good, and very impactful.  Not only that, but video works really well with several of the newer social media platforms, where text-based content won’t do well.  So, you can be where your competitors are not, and that gives you an advantage.

People retain information when presented with imagery and music We, as humans, have an easier time remembering and recalling information when it is presented to us in conjunction with photos, video, or music.

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