What is Liquid Content?

If you aren’t familiar with the term, then you should certainly continue reading.  When marketing your company online, liquid content is a very valuable tool.  It is the content that is deemed highly shareable, and can ultimately lead to viral sharing. Why is it so important to strive to create viral content?  There are so many reasons to do so that we can’t possibly list them all here, but we can certainly provide a few of the most notable reasons.

It will improve your reputation.  Not only will you get more exposure because your content reaches much farther when shared by others, this will also lead to users actively looking for more content from your brand.

You will be found easier. SEO is important, but create viral content and the search engines will have more respect for you.  After all, if your content is being shared hundreds or thousands of times, then links to your website can be discovered in equally as many places.

Regular production of liquid content will make you an expert.  When you are producing content that others deem valuable enough to share, your brand is suddenly perceived as an expert in that particular field.

Brand recognition is essential. It is one of the reasons that you put so much effort into marketing, after all.  Liquid content will ensure that your brand is seen by far more people than you can reach directly.

It builds relationships.  Part of the reason that social media has been such a powerful tool for businesses is because it allows an opportunity to create a sort of personal, intimate relationship with the customer.  With that comes increased loyalty.  Liquid content helps to build these important relationships. To make it easier on yourself, use social listening services like Nuvi to help make your posts actionable and get the results that you’re looking for.

The marketing continues after you go to bed. Once others start sharing it, all of these benefits are made available to you, and you don’t have to work for it.  The content is there, and others are doing the work of sharing. You can go to sleep knowing that the marketing efforts continue.

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