It’s Not All About Social Media

We write a lot about social media because, after all, this is the digital age and social media is a force to be reckoned with for Marketing Companies in San Diego.  But, online marketing isn’t all about social media, and we think this is a message that is important for many Marketing Companies in San Diego to hear and acknowledge. For Marketing Companies in San Diego that have a lot of industry-related news to share, there should definitely be effort made to be included on Google News.  This is a tremendous platform and launching pad for news-based sites, because the press releases can be seen by such a wide-spread and vast audience.  There are millions, if not billions of readers searching Google News on a regular basis, and that means that you have a huge audience to tap into.  It does have to be a news-oriented site, though, and meeting Google’s definition of that can be difficult, but it is well worth the effort to enjoy the surge of new readers.

Social media and email marketing have certainly made it possible to reach people on their mobile devices.  However, there are other methods of doing so, which can allow you to reach a very targeted audience, in your area, and who may very well be seeking the services or products that you have to offer.  SMS marketing can be tricky, because there is a fine line that must be walked, between giving the mobile users something of value and irritating them with what is perceived to be spam. We recommend using Callfire after trying several different providers and found that they get the best results for SMS.  You also have to build a list of subscribers to make the efforts worthwhile and uploading and segmenting is easy.  Furthermore, it can be a very effective way to get potential customers in the door and buying your products or services.  Do be sure that you are respecting privacy, and always have permission from the consumer to send the messages.

Great media marketing relies on an ability to reach audiences from various angles, so you are where they are when they are there with the information that they want.

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